4pt0 Schools Case Study

4.0 Schools x Fundraising Support

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4.0 Schools is where the future of schools starts. They are the largest first check investor in promising leaders to pilot tomorrow’s learning models and the future of schools. They do this through their fellowship programs—the Essentials Fellowship and the Tiny Fellowship—that connect early stage innovators and ideas in the education space with funding, coaching, and a community. Their message is clear, they are connectors, coaches, and an investor.

“4.0 is not a charity. We are not saviors. We are not the frontline leaders in every home, school, and neighborhood around the country doing the work that needs to get done day in and day out.”

Their vision

In realizing this vision, they’ve decided to transition into a new distributed leadership model and do work in four areas:

  • Talent: Alumni leaders will coach each incoming class of fellows.

  • Ventures: Alumni investment committees will select and evaluate pilots.

  • Ecosystems: Alumni community builders will recruit future fellows and connect existing fellows within and across local communities.

  • Research: An independent collaborative of researchers will study the work to provide transparency, accountability, and continuous learning.

To get there, in the Fall of 2018, 4.0 Schools reached out to Goodbets for help.

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Our Work

During this engagement with 4.0 Schools, Goodbets provided support in the development of a new and ambitious fundraising strategy. This consisted of fundraising and leadership coaching for Hassan as he transitioned into the CEO role. During this process, Goodbets worked to create a fundraising strategy that aligned to the long-term personal and professional ambitions of the 4.0 team. In the end, 4.0 was able to push the boundaries of what they thought possible as an organization.


As a result of our collaboration, 4.0 was able to accomplish the following:

  • Through a series of coaching sessions and assignments, Hassan was able to articulate his 20 year vision and reframe his vision of leading authentically as CEO of a multi-million dollar nonprofit.

  • With his newly articulated vision in hand, Hassan was able to clarify a vision for 4.0's future and with the support of the Goodbets Team, develop an ambitious fundraising strategy to keep the organization financially sound for the next half-decade.

  • As of August 2019, 4.0 has raised over $13M of its new Fund III, a $15M philanthropic effort to support the next generation of diverse education entrepreneurs.