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Welcome Cohort I of the Goodbets Pilot!

Join us as we extend a warm welcome to the first cohort of the Goodbets Pilot—a virtual program aimed at helping social entrepreneurs advance their ventures.

Back in February Veronica joined the team to help craft a new offering from Goodbets Group that would help early stage social entrepreneurs launch and grow their ideas—all while remaining accessible to those who need it. From three months of development came The Pilot. A new free, virtual, three month long offering that aims to give social entrepreneurs the help they need to launch and grow their ideas through customized support, curated resources, intentional community and mentorship. With a unique experimentation framework based curriculum, the program provides tailored support to ventures across all industries will any kind of challenge.

Goodbets Group is now very excited to announce the launch of its Pilot Program and its inaugural cohort, Cohort I. We had eighteen applicants for our first round, and in the end decided on six ventures for our first cohort—Conscious Roots LLC, Good Trouble Media, Oratory Glory, Parity, Young Creative Agency, and Unlocked Labs.

Without further ado, here they are:

Veronica Head