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Relationships matter: The World's Best and Worst Fundraising Advice

When you’re trying to make your nonprofit function, there is nothing more frustrating than getting useless advice. Some advice is just plain wrong, and that sucks too. However, in the fundraising world, there is an unexplainable obsession with giving people information that is not helpful. So today, I want to share my favorite piece of useless fundraising advice.

Relationships matter.

I’ve witnessed too many successful founders use this to explain why they’ve been able to raise funds (and imply why others haven’t). To be fair, this is an accurate statement, but it’s not helpful to the underdog entrepreneur hustling to get funding.

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This post was originally published by Camelback Ventures in October 2018. You can check out the original here.

“You just need to eat sh*t.”

I recently heard this at a conference in a session geared towards social entrepreneurs raising money. The context: a panelist was making a point about how ego shouldn’t show up in meetings as you raise money. Their point: raising funds is about the health of your organization, your mission, and the people that you serve. That, fundamentally, it is not about you.

Some of you may agree with that sentiment. That fundraising is ultimately about making sure the lights are on––not your feelings or who you think you are.

But let’s get real. Fundraising is about you (and your feelings). It has to be. Yes, as social entrepreneurs, we have to fundraise, build relationships, grow a community, win over supporters––keep our eyes on the prize––but we’re still humans who care. To truly be effective in this endeavor, we can’t change who we are at our core.

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