Our Team

Learn more about the Goodbets team. We’re a group of mission driven people motivated to help social entrepreneurs.

We’re people who care.

At the core, we are a group of people who care. We care about social entrepreneurship, we care about making the world a better place, and we care about elevating underrepresented communities. These are the things that guide us a team, and guide us in our work at Goodbets. Between us we have:

  • The motivation and passion to to help underrepresented social entrepreneurs advance and grow their ideas

  • Expertise in philanthropic fundraising and running non-profit organizations

  • Experience in how to launch an idea, and the hustle needed to get to success

  • Backgrounds in education, entrepreneurship, and engineering

  • One french bulldog

  • Built two canoes


Nicole Jarbo | Founder


Nicole grew up in the suburbs of southern California. As a child, she had two great passions: sports and books. Instead of making a choice between jock and nerd, she ended up playing soccer and reading books at UC Berkeley, where she studied Anthropology and majored in soccer practice. She stayed at Berkeley for graduate school where she studied education, specifically its intersections with race and gender. 

Determined to do something other than read books, she became a Teach For America corps member in New Orleans, LA. During her teaching career, she worked as a special education teacher, taught high school English, and built block towers with first-graders. In New Orleans, her interest in education entrepreneurship was sparked and she went on to coach early-stage entrepreneurs, as well as start a now-defunct teacher training company that focused on practice-based training, similar to what Nicole saw work in elite athletics. 

Discouraged by the lack of resources available to aspiring entrepreneurs who looked like her, she took a job working directly with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth philanthropists in Washington DC. There, she continued to feed her interest in social innovation and learned more intimately what made some funders tick. Ultimately, Nicole left that role and returned to the Bay Area to work with nonprofits that were trying to crack the funding code. 

In 2017, she founded Goodbets Group to help early-stage entrepreneurs and forward-thinking nonprofits compete for funding. Goodbets works with underdog founders nationwide, who want to take their work to the next level by building smart fundraising, marketing, and business development strategies.

Veronica head | Director


Veronica grew up in rural Pennsylvania, surrounded by dairy cows and trees. It was there that she discovered her love for the outdoors and that she was relatively good at math. In combining the two, she decided to study environmental engineering at Arizona State University, with a minor in concrete canoeing.

Upon graduating, she realized that engineering wasn’t for her. Since she didn’t know what to do with her life, she got a Master’s in Sustainable Engineering. During that time she became the first employee at a startup incubator in Phoenix—a job she actually really enjoyed doing. There, she helped build the incubator’s programming from the ground up and supported startups in her day to day. She became enthralled with this little thing called social entrepreneurship and saw it as a way to create meaningful change in the world.

After graduating, again, she became a Venture for America fellow and moved to Detroit, MI to work for a growing startup in the construction and community development space. After some time, she found Goodbets and Nicole liked her enough to want to hire her to develop and run The Pilot, a program to expand Goodbets Group’s reach to early stage and underrepresented social entrepreneurs. That and everything else that needs to get done.

Charli Jarbo-Huffman | head of CULTURE


Charli grew up in the Bay Area chasing tennis balls and big dreams. At an early age she discovered her love and passion for people. Strangers, her owners, people she’s only met once or twice over coffee—it doesn’t matter, she loves them all. She also loves walks, mostly for the grass.

At the young age of seven months she graduated from Petco Puppy School as a STAR pup—something that’s been compared to the equivalent of graduating summa cum laude. Given her innate ability with people, and her passion to be pet by everyone in the world, it was only natural that she pursue a career in people. That is, when she’s not napping.