The Pilot.

 A program designed for YOU—the social entrepreneur.

The entrepreneurial journey can be a difficult and lonely one. And in this niche of social impact, it seems like there are limit resources and programs meant for your venture. While on this daunting path, you’ll have to confront challenges that you haven’t faced before—from the minutia of the day to day to the larger question of how to run a business. But, you don’t have to do it alone. That’s where we come in. We’re offering a free three month pilot program, to help you get your ideas off the ground and start growing. Introducing…

The Goodbets Pilot

This program exists to help you—the new social entrepreneur—get access to the resources you need, the experts that you wish you knew, and the community that will support you. With our help, you’ll feel better equipped to carry out your mission, and realize the impact you set out to create. This pilot is a three month program and is offered for free to social enterprises and entrepreneurs looking to gain traction and scale their ventures. The only catch is that you have to apply.

What this pilot does

The Program

We want to empower you to succeed and create social impact. During the course of the program you’ll create a three month long experiment, or pilot, to run within your venture to help validate your ideas.

example projects

  • Build a fundraising plan

  • Acquire a new customer segment

  • Test out a new pricing structure

  • Create a marketing and communication plan

  • Design hiring and organizational infrastructure

The Timeline

  • Cohort I Starts 8.13.2019

  • Cohort I Ends 11.30.2019

  • Application for Cohort II Opens 1.1.2020

  • Application for Cohort II Closes 1.20.2020

  • Interviews for Cohort II 1.20.2020 - 1.31.2020

  • Cohort II Begins 2.1.2020



Resources—especially when made scarce—can become the limiting factor for a new venture. We all need more money, more time, and more people. In this program, we’ll help you find and get access to the resources you need to succeed.


You don’t have to go at it alone. In this program, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals like yourself. People that you can draw inspiration and support from, and people that can help you grow and expand your network.


When facing new challenges, you’ll find yourself craving advice from the experts, the people that have been there before. In this program, we’ll match you—if you wish—with a mentor in your realm, to help you answer all the questions you can’t.