Streetlight Schools Case Study

Streetlight Schools x Leadership Coaching



Streetlight Schools has a mission to improve access to quality education in some of the most undeserved communities in South Africa, with the goal of empowering all South Africans to transform their lives & communities. To do this, they created Streetlight Schools—a holistic, creative, inquiry-driven school in inner-city Johannesburg. They have an innovative approach to education that utilizes a twofold model:

  1. They facilitate creative, project-based learning that includes coding and entrepreneurship opportunities with students from tough backgrounds

  2. They develop excellent educators with no prior experience or qualifications to become expert facilitators of 21st century learning and teaching

Their Progress

In October 2013, Streetlight Schools started with a pilot after-school program ran out of a small store-room in Jeppestown. In 2015 they launched their Education Lab—a prototype of a school model. Through this they were able to test some of their first innovative education models. In January 2016 they launched Streetlight Schools: Jeppe Park, their primary flagship school.

After their launch, during August 2018, Streetlight Schools underwent a huge transition as their COO moved into the position of CEO. In this new position, their CEO David Fu (or just Fu) opted to come to Goodbets for leadership coaching and support in his new position.

Our Work


During this coaching engagement with Streetlight Schools, Fu met with Nicole Jarbo, Founder of Goodbets, in weekly sessions for three months. Due to the customized nature of Goodbets’ support, Fu and Nicole were able to work on whatever burning needs Fu had. During these sessions, they covered everything from fundraising strategy to leadership styles and strengths. Through this work Fu was able to examine his approach as a leader and think more intentionally about how he wants to lead his team. He also had support on tough fundraising questions and could gather feedback on his work.


During our engagement with Fu was able to accomplish the following:

  • Through a series of coaching assignments and sessions, Fu was able to articulate his professional and personal vision and describe the WHY for his work. This has become the foundation of his leadership story and is at the core of the communication of his Streetlight’s work.

  • He was able to create a personalized plan to position himself as a thought leader in his niche. By the end of the engagement, Fu was asked to give a keynote to Unilever South Africa, detailing his work at Streetlight Schools and his leadership journey.

  • He developed leadership training for his team grounded in assets, rather than deficits, and has seen an immediate positive impact in morale and productivity of the team.

  • He learned nuanced skills that allowed him to bring his authentic self to his work as a fundraiser. He’s been able to build stronger relationships with current funders and to cultivate new prospects who seemed out of reach of the organization. Ultimately, leading Streetlight to a more sustainable fundraising position.

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